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The Echo Foundation brings world-renowned humanitarians to Charlotte to deliver messages that galvanize souls to action on behalf of humankind.  We do this so that we may build a city that embraces racial diversity, culture and tolerance, and in the hopes that we can inspire the community to act.  We bring together people from all corners of the region to act on their highest principles through student dialogues, teacher training workshops, musical programs, art and writing projects and more.


While our primary focus is always humanity, our secondary focus is specific to the individual speaker. 

For example, while Elie Wiesel spoke against indifference, the secondary focus was the Holocaust.  In time, other programs may center on race relations, children’s well-being, human rights, ethnic warfare, justice and ethical decision making.

Not just words.  Deeds.

For a speech, no matter how spellbinding the speaker, is an event: neither far-reaching nor long-lasting unless ratified by action.  The Echo Foundation precedes and follows each public appearance with educational activities in order to bring about a shift in perspective.  To reaffirm the power of individual initiative.  And to involve the community in action for a positive change.

Why The Echo Foundation? 

Why now?

As a city embracing diverse cultures, Charlotte stands at the threshold.  Many of its citizens are focused on the task of building bridges to better understanding and justice for all.  Our public schools have underwritten initiatives reaffirming the importance of character and ethics.

The Echo Foundation responds directly to a critical and recognized need by creating community-wide, educationally based projects to mobilize support for these issues.  Using the wisdom and humanity of our guest speakers as a catalyst, we provide an opportunity for our citizens to unite, to educate and to work for human dignity, justice and moral courage.

And yes, against indifference.

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